Counseling provides a therapeutic relationship in which trust is built so that more honest dialogue can unfold. This allows you time to explore, to reflect and to experience being deeply understood. Through this process, internal strengths are recognized, barriers that prevent access to internal resources are uncovered and the kind of life that you want can be clarified.

You are encouraged to seek counseling (also known as therapy) when troubled by life situations that seem beyond your own understanding and resolution. You may be burdened by thoughts, feelings, beliefs or behaviors that create inner turmoil and potentially, problems at work or within families. Counseling with a competent professional can help you heal from depression, anxiety, accumulated trauma, compassion fatigue or to work through relationship issues.

Counseling can help you overcome personal obstacles that hold you back from realizing your full potential and living life abundantly. My approach to counseling offers direction to those seeking integration of mind, body, spirit and heart; clarity to those desiring greater personal freedom; and increased life satisfaction to those conflicted by life challenges.