After 40 years in the service of others, I recognize that maintaining resilience and vitality are essential to continued professional and personal effectiveness.  My counseling practice focuses on those who work in the caring professions – especially the fields of counseling, education, emergency services, healthcare [nurses, nurse-practitioners, physicians], ministry as well as police and fire rescue.  Together, we explore the balance between other-care and self-care to prevent or treat ‘burnout’ or ‘compassion fatigue’ to preserve authenticity, integrity and vocational calling.

While some thrive in the intensity of highly demanding work and giving of themselves, you may be struggling with chronic or escalating fatigue, irritability or anger, anxiety or depression, loss of purpose that can lead to hopelessness, apathy, isolation.  Perhaps your job performance is suffering or you are noticing more chronic physical ailments or increasing absenteeism.  For comfort or momentary escape, you might turn to food, the internet or alcohol.  Ultimately, if left unexamined, estrangement from yourself and others may result. 

Symptoms of burnout can include feeling barely able to cope with the work load; a sufficient lack of autonomy and control at work; insufficient occupational rewards; significant value conflicts at work; dissonance between yourself and your chosen field; or a breakdown in work cohesion with colleagues.