About the Logo:

The Celtic symbol of the Triquetra was chosen as the logo for Anam Cara Counseling, PLLC. This symbol represents the triune aspects of all persons. Out of my own heritage and pastoral counseling approach, I embrace mind-body-spirit; attachment-self love-connection with others; conscious-physiologic-unconscious. The circle that intertwines this trinity embodies faithfulness, integrity and healing; God’s loving constancy.

This Triquetra also represents the essentials of all relationships: love-respect-safety, whether this is a relationship with oneself or others. I find value in the past and the present, the traditional and innovative, the ordinary and the sacred when I work with individuals to understand them and figure out what will be most helpful. The overarching goals of counseling are to restore a sense of emotional well-being through life’s challenges as well as renew one’s authenticity and vitality for life.