"Is the life I'm living the same as the life that wants to live in me?"
-Parker J. Palmer, "Let Your Life Speak", 2000

Perhaps you are like many in today’s hectic world, finding yourself precariously balancing professional and personal responsibilities; continually over-stretched in response to the ‘tyranny of the urgent’. Are you feeling depleted and ineffective, empty or chronically on-edge because, by temperament and disposition, you are more emotionally attuned to the needs of others? Are you always running on empty? Is your relationship with yourself and those you love suffering, all in pursuit of meaningful work? More...

Anam Cara Counseling Shoreline WA
Anam ċara is translated as “soul friend” from ancient Celtic spirituality. This is someone with whom we sense warmth, belonging and inherent recognition. An anam ċara inspires confidence so that we feel safe and capable of revealing the hidden intimacies of our lives. An anam ċara is knowledgeable; a mentor committed to personal insights that help us grow in life satisfaction and inner serenity.

-Adapted from John O’Donohue, Anam Ċara, 1998

Counseling extends an invitation to enter into a conversation that can be personally transformative~ towards deeper self-awareness, self-acceptance and confidence to make changes intended for greater life satisfaction. It takes courage to seek help with life situations that seem beyond our own understanding and resolution. It requires trust that is earned, not implied.  This process is unrushed, yet self-paced. The anticipation is healing from inner turmoil, what is not working in life, to achieve reconciliation with oneself and others:  greater personal freedom.  More...

Restoring emotional wellbeing through life's challenges;
Renewing authenticity and vitality for life.